The Rhythm Method is a NYC-based ensemble dedicated to reimagining the string quartet in a contemporary context.

Below is a list of what we offer during our residency programs:

Reading, Workshop, Performance and/or Recording of Student Compositions
Reading, Workshop, Performance, and/or Recording of Faculty Compositions
Extended technique workshop – with violin/viola/cello students
Performance - Rhythm Method program
Instrumental Masterclass – violin, viola, cello  
Chamber music Masterclass
Graphic Score interpretation/composition workshop
Songwriting workshop
Free Improvisation workshop
Side by side performance with a student ensemble

Sample programs 

Between the Lines: Premieres* by Klug, Trobollowitsch, Asher

This program, presented at Echoraum in Vienna, explores the terrain between composition and improvisation through various forms of graphic/non-standard notation. All three composers straddle the worlds of visual art, sound, and music, and reexamine the string quartet as a resonant body of sound.

    Leah Asher – Leda (2012)
    Andreas Trobollowitsch – pitanga* (2016)
    Bernd Klug – String Quartet and Skyscraper 2.0* (2016)

The Carinthian Connection

This program, presented in the Austrian province of Carinthia, juxtaposes drastically different composers who were heavily influenced by the local landscape: Alban Berg, who spent his summers on the nearby Wörthersee, Bernd Klug, a native of Villach, and RM cellist Meaghan Burke, who has found creative inspiration through her personal connections to the region.

    Alban Berg – Lyric Suite (19256)
    Bernd Klug – String Quartet and Skyscraper 2.0 (2016)
    Meaghan Burke: select songs (2010-2016)

Written by The Rhythm Method

The Rhythm Method presents works by all members of the ensemble.

    Meaghan Burke – Coda, Smile, Methadone Friend, Butterface (2010-2016)
    Marina Kifferstein – Toglikht (2015)
    Leah Asher – Leda (2012)

Concert Archive: selections
* denotes premiere

January 2016 at Joe's Pub
John Zorn, Cat o'Nine Tails
Marina Kifferstein, Toglikht*
Anton Webern, Fünf Sätze
Meaghan Burke, Coda*; Smile*; Methadone Friend; Ornithology

October 2015 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Joseph Haydn, String Quartet Op. 77 No. 2
György Ligeti, String Quartet No. 1 “Metamorphoses Nocturnes”
Maurice Ravel, duo for violin and cello
Marina Kifferstein, Odessa Bulgar
Meaghan Burke, select songs

October 2015 at the Onassis Cultural Center
Interactive performance with dancers, video art, and live electronics
Stavros Gasparatos, Triple Echo*

August 2015 at the Austrian Cultural Forum's “Moving Sounds” festival
Interactive instillation performance with live electronics
Bernd Klug, string quartet and skyscraper*

February 2015 at Joe's Pub
György Ligeti, String Quartet No. 1 “Metamorphoses Nocturnes”
Meaghan Burke, select songs

September 2014 at La Marbrerie (Paris)
Benjamin Attahir, Mai 22
John Zorn, Zeitgehöft
Maurice Ravel, duo for violin and cello

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